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10 Questions You Need Answered Before Booking A Wedding DJ

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Before booking your wedding DJ you should go through the questions below to gather the information you need prior to booking in your chosen wedding DJ that is going to be the soundtrack to your special day. It is important to have all the information you need before booking a DJ so that you don't have any surprises or issues after the fact. Because of course that's the last thing you want on such a momentous occasion.

10 questions that need to be answered before hiring potential vendors (DJ's):

1. What Equipment do they use?

This is where you are going to have to compare DJ's social media accounts or websites to see which looks more professional within your budget, as you may have no idea what equipment is reliable and of good quality.

This can time consuming, so it's recommended making note of the wedding DJ services that have live gig images and videos for show on their social media accounts and website.

2. Do they look Professional?

This relates with question 1, but takes a more in depth look at the company as a whole. You can tell a lot be the aesthetics of ones website and posts on their socials, many starting up DJ companies can be found out quite quacking by going through their website and not finding any legitimate images from live events, their equipment/setup and the basic profile images of the DJ's for hire. It's important to see real images as this shows that the company isn't hiding anything and is confident in giving you a professional service.

3. Are they Insured?

Public Liability Insurance is a must for companies that are hired for major events. Most venues and events require vendors to show public liability certificates before bringing equipment on to the venues premises. The venue should tell you this when you book with them but please do check with the venue in advance.

4. How much Experience do they have?

For a wedding an experienced DJ is important, but how many years experience doesn't always show how good they are. Check their reviews, that should give you an indication on whether they are a good wedding DJ. Facebook is a good place to check reviews as you can tell if the reviews are legitimate, especially for wedding reviews because you will see that the profile picture of the person who posted it will more than likely have their new wedding photo uploaded.

5. Do they take Requests?

This is probably expected, but surprisingly some DJ's do not take requests. So definitely check with them before booking, because the DJ is there is entertainment and to keep the guests and especially the bride & groom happy.

6. Do they have your Music Selection?

This is the main reason you hire a DJ, so it should be the main factor to consider before booking. It's important to decide what type of music you want for your wedding day because the music is the soundtrack to your first day as a married couple, so it should be the music you enjoy the most. Being specific with the music selection will help the DJ keep to music you love and cut out any guesswork.

Although if you are having trouble deciding on what type of music you want played, ask the DJ for some suggestions, especially for inspiration for the main event song selections for example, for the first dance, bridal entrance/exit, etc.

7. What Packages do they offer?

Once you have a handful of DJ's that check the boxes above, it's time to look at what packages they offer within your budget. No two DJ packages are the same, they nearly all vary in some way. It's recommended to write down your requirements, then go through which packages suit and then decide on which price is best for you.

8. Do they provide a Microphone?

More than likely any DJ will, but it is a good idea to check that the microphone is wireless or not. A small detail that can be crucial. A wired microphone is no problem when the DJ is set up near the podium as is should reach (do not assume), or it is a small venue where you are happy for all toasts/announcements to be made near the DJ. Although, having a wireless microphone offers the most flexibility, it removes the tripping hazard, allows for the MC or similar to walk around to different tables while speaking, if needed.

9. Do they have a dress code?

Specify your preferred attire for the DJ, they should be accommodating. Presentation is all-important especially when it comes to weddings. You don't want the DJ standing out in the background of wedding photos from the reception.

10. Can you view their Contract?

Every vendor should supply you with a contract that ensures you, they will deliver on the expectations they have made and this removes any of the unknown, so you don't get any surprises at a future date.

The above questions are provided to help narrow the search for the right DJ for your wedding.

If you would like a structured guide to planning your dream wedding please check out Loco entertainment's new guide, The Little Wedding Helper - The Guide to Planning Your Wedding From Start To Finish. It is a huge help in planning everything for a wedding, if you find it helpful please share it with a friend.

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